Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 1- June 6th, 2011

Today was my first day of my internship. I arrived about fifteen minutes early since it was the first day. My office is in Cameron Indoor Stadium 115. Today I met with my supervisor Lindy Brown, and filled out my learning contract. Since it is the summer the work environment is much more relaxed. There are no games going on, so it is really more of a time to catch up on archiving statistics, and do projects that there isn't as much time for during the school year when all the sports are in season. Today I worked on some Women's Basketball Research. The WNBA draft was recently and three duke players were drafted and they all made the final rosters for their teams and so now there are currently 7 former Duke players in the WNBA. My first task was to compare how that number ranked against other schools. So I looked at the rosters for all the WNBA teams and recorded how many players there were from each school that is represented in the WNBA. UConn and Tennessee both have 11 and Duke's 7 is third. I then researched what schools had the most players drafted in the last four years. For that statistic Duke is #1 with seven (not the exact same 7 as currently in the WNBA), UConn and Tenn both have Six.
My next task was more statistics but not as interesting, and a lot more time consuming. I was given a list of different statistics to research, such as most offensive rebounds in a season, most defensive rebounds in a season, most double figure scoring games, etc. For those first two statistics I was able to look at season records to figure that out. To determine the double figure scoring games I was able to look at game by game season records. This took me the rest of the day. While this became boring, it wasn't hard and it was something that needed to get done. Overall it was a great first day.

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