Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 2- Jun 7, 2011

Today was my second day at the internship. The office is very friendly and laid-back. I was actually the first one in the office today, so I just finished some statistic research I had been working on yesterday. A few minutes after I got there everybody else arrived. My boss didn't have day care for his daughter and so she was with him and so he just came in for a few minutes since he had to watch her all day. I talked to him and told him I finished the top ten most double figure scoring games in a season, top ten most 20 pt games in a season, and top ten most 30 pt games in a season, and asked if he wanted me to just continue on other statistic research. He said to ask around if anybody needed any help with anything and if not to just keep working on the statistics. Meredith one of the assistant sports information directors said she had something for me to do. She opened up StatCrew on the computer I was working on and had me put lacrosse schedules/results into the StatCrew so we could then put them on the website. GoDuke currently has the schedules/results archived through 2006. I spent the day putting in the schedules in StatCrew, I archived the 2005 through the 1992 season. Then it was time to go. I didn't have a ride home today because Ryan had left for Annual Conference and Danielle had her last day at work, so I got a ride home from Meredith. I realized when I got there that I hadn't picked up the key that morning and so I was lokced out. So I went next door to the neighbors, and they didnt have a key but I chilled with them waiting on Danielle to get off work. The wife of the neighbor couple was talking to Danielle on facebook, and it ended up that we went out to eat and Danielle met us at the restauraunt. We went to this Asian restaurant Sushi Love. I got fried rice, but everyone else got sushi and multiple rolls. So i tried two rolls. I think one was called an Acapulco roll and the other one was called a Blue Devil Roll. They were definitely interesting, and even kinda good.

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