Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday June 29th, 2011

Today I made CD's of the Women's Tennis Seniors who just graduated. I burned each of their picture files onto a CD. Then I spent the majority of the rest of the day uploading pictures from the ACC and NCAA Wrestling Championships. I uploaded the pictures and went through each CD and found pictures of Duke Wrestlers and put them in their respective folders. This was easy for the first two CDs, because the first CD was the NCAA Championships and it was only pictures of Duke's sole wrestler in the NCAA tournament, and there were only fourteen pictures on the CD and then the second CD had a bunch of pictures on there but every image was named with the people in the picture, so that was very helpful. The other six CDs did not have the images labeled according to what wrestlers were in the image, so that proved to be harder. Especially since I am not familar with the Duke wrestlers, and a lot of the images aren't good pictures of their faces. But it just took a while, Chelsea was able to help me identify a good many of the wrestlers and when she couldn't I asked Meredith. I finished that and then I asked Blevins for something to do, and he had me input old football rosters onto the backend of I was working with rosters from the early 20th Century. There is not much information on some of the athletes from that far back, some of them we just have their last name. So in those situations I had to put A as the first initial because the first name is a required field on the website. I put a few years in before the day was over.

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