Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monday June 13th

Today was the first day of my second week, and it was the first day for two new summer interns. I am kinda jealous because the new interns that started today, one will be here through mid-September and the other one through mid-August, and I'm just here through the end of the month. I honestly thought about trying to figure out a way to stay another month, but in the end I think it's best to go home and have some time for summer. While I am jealous that they get to be up here longer, through the whole NC-ProAm and for when Nick, Abby, and David get back from Diving World Championships in Shanghai, and when all the freshmen and returners are here doing stuff in the late summer, There are things that I'd miss if I was here all summer. I'm going to visit my friend Alex in Pa for a week, My Church's campmeeting, My mom's family reunion, and Me and Erin's Beach-OTH Road Trip! Anyways you could so I had mixed feelings when I found out the other interns were gonna be here the whole summer. But so the new interns arrived and Art ( Head SID) asked me to take them to the card office, so I did and I showed them the chapel too. When we got back to the office, Art talked with all three of us about our internships and getting all that we can out of it. He emphasized that we are way ahead of the game, even doing an internship. That made me feel good because I certainly do not feel ahead of the game. The two new interns, one is from Ohio University and one is from Ohio State and both have worked in their school's Sports Information Department. This made me wish I went to a big school where I could have gained valuable experience working in the Sports Information Department. Although LaGrange has a Sports Information Department, it's pretty much a one-man show and not quite the same as at a DII or DI school. But maybe I should consider talking to Mr.Hughes and seeing if I can help out in the office. I went to lunch with Kelsey, one of the new interns. I took her to the plaza and we got lunch at The Loop and took it to one of the Covered Table Rockers ( that's the best name I can come up for them,)

I enjoyed talking to Kelsey, she goes to school at Ohio State and works in their Sports Information Department. They just got out of school and her job for the past two weeks has been to stay on the elevator and not all journalists to come up. ( Because their coach just resigned amid an NCAA scandal). We made our way back to the office after lunch and got back to work. I started working on the Women's Basketball Media Guide some more. I'm making a section that shows the Games by Date. So it will list the date, like November 10 and then all the games Duke Women's Basketball has ever played on November 10. I had started this a little last week but had not done much. Today I got about a month done. Ryan picked me up and we went home and played with Mowgli and had supper, Chicken and Green Beans. and Couscous, but I didn't try it. maybe another time.


  1. yayy for road trip! and ur lame...couscous is soooo good! my favie :) sounds like u are having a great time! woohoo!!!

  2. lol. i knew you'd say that. if they make it again i'll try it. lol. hey i tried sushi give me some credit. lol

  3. this is very surprised at that :) however, i'd think u'd try couscous before u tried sushi. oh well lol.