Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday June 23rd, 2011

Today my boss was back from his family vacation in Aruba. I showed him the work I had done, and he said it was good. He said that I did a good job with the WNBA update that I wrote. He had gotten an email from the Mystics suggesting we send out a release to vote for Alana Bead for the 2011 WNBA All-Star game. So I got working on that, and then he changed the wording of some of it and then added a section at the end about her career at Duke. Then I said "So Lindsey didn't get nominated this year?" and he said " Oh man I'm sure she did, I gotta get my mind back on work" So he was gonna add Lindsey in there and then someone came in to talk to him and he said we'd finish that in a little bit, but when that guy left he went to go watch his son play some games at basketball camp.
Us interns went to the plaza for lunch because zach and kelsey didn't pack. I got a locopop, pomegranate tangerine. It was very good.
When we got back to the office I finished up the release with Lindy, and he showed me how the back end of the website works, and how you put a story up on the website. Around 2 some football seniors came in for interviews and Chelsea, a work study student and I emailed the Kicker. I used a recorder and had pressed record and put it on the table, but somehow it didn't record. I have no idea how that happened. Now, we'll have to get him in here again and ask him the same questions all over again. Chelsea and I agreed that it would be easier to just email them the questionaire. But whatever. Afterwards I've been continuing working on the Games by Location Section of the 2011-2012 Women's Basketball Media Guide. Then I worked with Kelsey on setting up the schedule for when we will release all of the senior profiles. Then it was time to go!
Originally us interns were gonna get together to watch the draft at like Mellow Mushroom. But Kelsey and her boyfriend are going to Tennessee tomorrow and so they had to pack and buy groceries and they live all the way in wake, so that didn't happen.
But I had a pretty awesome night with danielle and ryan and mowgli. We had homemade pizza that ryan made and then watched the draft. Danielle and I were pinning,(, check it out, it's addictive) and wanted to make something so she decided we would make cookies! So we made homemade chocolate chip cookies. they included pecans and rum in the recipe! They turned out more like scones but oh they were good!

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