Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friday June 17th, 2011

Today I have officially been here for two weeks! CRAZY! today, as it was friday, was very relaxed. Most everyone was gone. Art was in Pennsylvania, Meredith was in Ohio, and Cook was in Vegas, and Blevins has been on vacation all but one day that I've been here. So it was just us interns, Jade, Ashley, and Pliz. I worked on the Game by Location Section of the media guide, and made it through Georgia. Zach from Marketing came over and chilled for most of the morning. ( we leave at noon on fridays). He was going to test a tshirt gun that he had fixed last week but somehow since he fixed it, it became unfixed. So that was a fail.
When it was about 12:10 us interns left for the day and Zach, the intern, gave me a ride to ninth street. I went to The Duck Shop, a shop on 9th street that has a bunch of Duke Apparel but since it's not affiliated with the college can't be called the Duke Shop. Then I walked into Vaguely Reminiscent, a cool little boutique that has cute hairpins, necklaces, bracelets, TIARAS, fun random gifts, etc. I always love checking it out. I then went back to The Duck Shop and bought a shirt, I couldn't decide between two shirts. I ended up getting a lacrosse shirt because I have a ton of basketball shirts but not a lacrosse shirt! Then I met ryan at a record store and we headed home. I had a french bread pizza and doritos for lunch and had a relaxing day at home.
At about four I walked down the street to this little baby park in Ryan and Danielle's neighborhood and swung for awhile. There was this little girl that was the most precious little girl I have ever seen. She came walking up to me while I was swinging and I had to stop not to hit her. She walked right up to me and I said hey, and she put her hands on my knees and tried to push me in the swing. She was precious, in her grandmother's words "she's never met a stranger in her life". It was adorable but her grandmother said it meant they have to be real careful because she truly will just walk up to anyone. On my walk home I called my mom and had a nice chat with her.
We had spaghetti and meatballs for supper and it was delicious. The meatballs were especially good. Then I just chilled and watched tv. It was a good day, and unbelievably it was the ending of my first two weeks.


  1. aww she's sounds like a cutie! i bet those two weeks flew for you! enjoy the rest of ur time there because it'll slip right thru ur fingers :/ plus, that one shop sounds fab! :) hope u had a good weekend too!

  2. she was! and I know it will! and yeah it's one of my faves! my weekend was good, hope you had a great rest of it and that today went well!