Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday June 28th, 2011

Today was a very productive day. I got to work and finished the fall composite schedule that I had been working on. It has all the fall sporting events of all the schedules that have been releases so far. Then Lindy had me write up some questions to do a Q & A for the website,with women's basketball senior Shay Selby, since I was already doing her senior profile. So when she came in at 11:00 I did her interview and then I transcribed it into both the senior profile and the Q& A for the website. I wrote a paragraph at the top of the Q & A to introduce the story, saying " Shay Selby checked in with GoDuke.com... " Then I looked up the statistics of Duke Alumni playing Minor or Major League Baseball and reported that for Cook. Then I had lunch and finished up those baseball statistics. Then it was time for Coach K's summer press conference. We got to go to that, which was really neat. It was exciting to hear him talk about the upcoming season, the team's trip to China at the end of July, and everything else! Within three hours of the press conference there was already an article about it in the Miami Herald. That was neat to see the behind the scenes of the Media/University Athletics working together.

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