Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday June 14th,2011

Today I continued working on the Game by date section of the 2011-2012 Media Guide. It is a tedious and at times a daunting task. I had brought a french bread pizza for lunch yesterday and didn't eat it since I went to lunch with Kelsey on the Plaza. So i ate it today and it was very good. Okay so here's the deal I am an overthinker. I tend to overthink everything and I keep analyzing my experience. SO between senior year coming ever closer, and this internship, I am all too aware of the imminent arrival of my life in the Real World, in about 11 months. That is nothing. and I have way less than that to decide plans for next year. I have to start making decisions. I don't want to go to grad school, but that is definitely an option I need to consider. I had a conversation on facebook with a girl who interned here for a year. After she interned at Duke for a year, she went to Grad School at UGA for Sport Management and Policy, and worked as a grad assistant in the athletic department. But Kristina who was a year long intern here this past year, and whose last week was my first week, she interned here for a year after she graduated college and doesn't plan on going to Grad School. She has sent her resume to about 40 different schools looking for a job. That honestly sounds much more appealing to me, but then with the economy the way it is, I might should go to Grad School to help me get a full-time job.
And then there's the fact that with it being summer, although I am getting a great experience I am not getting the most ideal picture of how it would be to have this job. Since no games are going on in the summer, it is more there down time. Honestly I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with my life because while I am enjoying my internship, It is work, and so far I'm not sure if office life is for me. But then again it is not as much "office life" when sports are in season. I do love that it is very laid back but still professional environment. Get your work done and you're free to leave. I did enjoy writing the article for and would definitely like to do more writing. Hopefully I can cover the NBA draft next week. well enough overthinking for one journal entry, but that's a little insight into my mind. lol

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