Friday, June 17, 2011

Wednesday June 15th, 2011

Today I got to work and started Kelsey, Zach and I talked for a minute and then Art came in and told us there was food upstairs if we wanted any. He asked me if I knew where Scharf Hall ( It's in the K Center) was and I said I did. So I showed Kelsey and Zach the way and we went over there and there were omelets and waffles being made, and a bunch of fruit and bagels. I just had some fruit and an amazing cinnamon crunch bagel. It was really neat and kind of random. We sat and ate for a little bit and talked and then went back downstairs and got to work. I continued working on the Game by Date section of the media guide and got a few more pages done. I made it though January and most of February today! I went with Kelsey down to the file room to put up some files of football players she had made. The file room is definitely one of a kind. It is a small rom down in the basement of Cameron full of file cabinets with clippings of every sport and athlete that has ever played at Duke. When we got back upstairs it was a quarter till five and so we worked for fifteen more minutes before calling it a day. Danielle has class on wednesday and so she picked me up at 5:30. My plan was to go the bookstore for a bit before I met her but it was closed so I was out of luck!

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