Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 3- June 8th, 2011

Today I woke up very tired and definitely fid not want to get out of bed. I am not quite use to working a 9-5. Although I get up the same time or earlier during the school year, I have breaks between classes and am always done by 3. So it's just an adjustment. Today I thought might be tough to get going because I was so tired but it wasn't at all. Lindy, my boss, is going on vacation Friday, and so he gave me a list of things that I could work on while he is gone. A lot of the list was working on some pages in the Women's Basketball Media Guide for next season. My first task on that was to add the jersey numbers to the all-time statistics, so by each player's career statistics I added their jersey number. I was able to find out the Jersey numbers I didn't know or remember from the previous year's media guide's list of all-time jersey numbers. I got started on this and then around noon we went out to lunch as a staff. We went to Mellow Mushroom. It's one of several restaurants right near the Durham Bulls Baseball Park. They are a minor league baseball team that play teams like the Gwinnett Braves. Going out to eat as a staff was awesome. My office has some pretty funny guys. Especially the head Sports Information Director, Art. He's a Character. I rode to Mellow Mushroom with Cook, an Asst SID, who works with Baseball, Volleyball, and Fencing, Kristina who has been a year long staff intern and worked with Rowing, and Swimming & Diving, and my boss Lindy Brown, an Asst SID who works with Women's Basketball, Women's Soccer, and Women's Golf. I talked with Kristina about how she came to work here as a year-long intern and how she is now applying to lots of Sports Information jobs. We got there and had a great lunch. I got a 10 inch pepperoni and meatball pizza and had half left-over for dinner ( since it was my first night by myself, as ryan and danielle are gone to Annual Conference). When we left we walked around the parking deck for a few minutes trying to find Cook's car, lol. When we got back I went with Kristina, as she was overseeing Video Interviews of our three Divers who are preparing for the World Championships in China in a few weeks. It was pretty neat. It was scorching though and the interviews were outside. We were going to have them on the concourse in Cameron, but there are the Durham Public Schools Graduations going on all week and today was the rehearsals, so it was too loud. It was really neat to meet and listen to the Divers talk about preparing for Worlds. There names are Nick McCrory and Abby Johnston, from Duke and David Boudia who went to Purdue and is Nick's Synchronized Diving Partner. These are literally a few of the top divers in the World. They are sponsored by Li-Ning, the Chinese Nike. And Drew Johansen, Duke's Diving Coach is one of the best coaches in the world and as such was named coach for the USA Team at Worlds. After there interviews, Abby, Nick and David were all warmed up and ready for practice. Kristina and I helped Tomko, the video guy, bring the film stuff back to Cameron. I then went back to work on the Media Guide and before I knew it, it was time to go. Definitely a great day at work!

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