Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 4- June 9th, 2011

Today I continued my work on the 2011-2012 Women's Basketball Media Guide. All of the SID's were at a 'retreat' for the day, which was just a 5 hour meeting. I finished putting the jersey numbers next to the player's names in the All-Time statistics and in the 1,000 point scorers. Yesterday while working on this InDesign kept closing on me and I eventually had to restart the computer, and when I did, I opened it up back up and had lost all my work. Fortunately though I remembered most of the numbers from the first time, so I got back to where I was quicker. There were four players numbers that I could not find in the 2010- 2011 Media Guide's list of All-Time leading scorers. I asked Kristina and she couldn't either, but she suggested we look in the file room. Durham Public Schools were having graduations in Cameron so we couldn't just cut across and go down, we had to walk upstairs to the concourse around and down stairs and down to the file room, which is in what is like the basement of Cameron. I was only able to find one of the players numbers that I needed by looking up their names individually in the file room. So we went back upstairs and when the rest of the staff got back from their day long meeting, I asked Lindy how to find them and he said to look in the box scores for the years that the players I was looking for played. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought to do that. I easily found the numbers that had been evading me. Then I started on the Game by Date and Game by Location pages in the Media Guide. Lindy liked the way Auburn had put a section in their Media Guide showing every game they had played on a certain day and every game they had played in a certain location. So i started with the earliest dates and looked through the All-Time Results in the 2010-2011 Media Guide to figure that out. I got through November 16th by the end of the day.

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