Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday June 21st, 2011

Today I worked on the Games By Location of the 2011-2012 Women's Basketball Media Guide. I got to North Carolina today! I'm gonna be there for awhile. This is every game Duke has ever played in the state of North Carolina- Every home game, every UNC game, Wake game, N.C. State game, UNC Asheville game, UNC Charlotte game, UNC Greensboro game, Eastern Carolina, Western Carolina, Davidson, etc. A whole heck of a lot of games. I got through November games today and already had 50 something games. Most other states don't even have 50 games period, let alone in the month of November. Art, the big boss, came in and gave me a break from the Media Guide, he had me proofread the statistics in the Football Media Guide. Then I got another break from the Media Guide later from Cook who had me create New Folders on the Y drive. One of a bunch of different hard drives on the computers in the office. Inside the 2010-2011 folder I created 108 folders, a folder for every page of the 2010-2011 Duke Yearbook. A yearbook that archives Duke Sports. So there was IFC-Kevin White Intro/Letter- which was the Inside Front Cover Intro/Letter from the Athletic Director, and then 2- Baseball, 3- Baseball, etc. It was four folders (pages) for every sport, and then folders at the end for Compliance, Student-Athlete Development, etc. That was real easy and a little break from my Women's Basketball Media Guide.

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