Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday June 22nd, 2011

Today i kept on keeping on on the Games by Location section of the 2011-2012 WBB Media Guide. But at about 10 Art asked the three of us to come in his office. Every year Sports Information does Senior Profiles of all the Senior Student-Athletes. So the three of us were put in charge of confirming all the seniors in every sport and coming up with questions for the Senior Profiles. We divided the sports up, 21 sports and so we each got 7 sports. We each looked up the seniors of our sports and then put there names in an excel document, under their sport and the SID in charge of that sport. Then we compiled all of our excel documents into a mass document of all the senior athletes. Then the fun part, coming up with questions for the athletes. We had last years questions to go by, and then we came up with different questions looking at a Sporting News magazine and websites. We have some pretty killer questions like Who would play you in a movie?, most embarrassing music on your ipod?, favorite place to study on campus?, and favorite durham restauraunt?
Kelsey and I ate lunch outside, it has become routine : ) I had leftover mac and cheese and some lays. Then we went back inside because it is REALLY hot! The high was supposedly 100 for the day. I went back to work on the Media Guide. Art asked Zach to take some dollies down to the file room, and so I got to take a tiny break from the Media Guide to show where the file room is located.
Then it was back to archiving every game Duke Women's Basketball has ever played in North Carolina. I got through December and I'm at around 275 games, theres 3 more months plus the first week of April to go!
But good news is that Lindy is coming back tomorrow and so hopefully I'll get a new assignment. AND on next Thursday(my last day) Greg Louganis is coming to speak with David, Nick and Abby as they prepare for World's. So Kristina is coming back to help with that and she said I can help her!

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