Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday June 24th,2011

Today of course was relaxed as it was friday. I got to work and started back to work on the Games By Location section of the Women's Basketball Media Guide. I've only gotten to Mid-January but me just say there are a whole heck of a lot of games, all time in January. period for that matter. Well so I was working on that, trucking along, and then I decided to ask Cook if he had anything for me to do. He had me work on some fencing bios. I did about three of those and then Art volunteered the three of us interns to help out in the Iron Duke office. They are about to ship off there annual letters. And we were pulling letters out of the envelopes to be signed by the Boss, well for his name to be signed on them anyway, and then stuffing the envelopes once they were signed, and then adding two stickers to each envelope. Mindless work but it was nice, that we all agreed. And I made nice conversation with a intern in the Iron Duke office who is going to be a senior at Furman in the Fall and whose dad, like mine, went to Duke. When we got back to the office we just had about an hour left before noon, aka quitting time on friday. I did another fencing bio and then returned to work on the Media Guide.

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