Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday June 20th, 2011- ESPN taping.

This morning I worked on the media guide some more. I got to the M's ( Maine, Mass., etc.), We ate lunch as us interns, outside on a bench. We talked about the afternoon, we were real excited and nervous for the taping of ESPN's difference makers: Paterno and Krzyzewski. Coach K and Joe Paterno were taping the show at Penn State and there was a live feed to Duke at the Telcom Building. The three of us SI interns, Chelsea a SI work study student, and an intern from ticketing were recruited by Zach who works in marketing and promotions. He is the one who was in charge of the whole event. He had recruited us a while ago, and today was the day! So this morning he came in SI and asked Zach and Kelsey to write questions under the categories family, leadership, excellence, and teaching, random, and questions for former players. We did and we emailed him the questions and he came back in about an hour later and told Zach he'd be asking his question on family, Kelsey would be asking her question on teaching and possibly her question for the former players and I would be asking my question on excellence, and possibly my question on teaching and my random question about Coach K breaking the record for all-time most wins. Well Zach ended up being the only one of us interns to get to ask a question. The way ESPN did the show, there was only one question from each school for each topic. That paired along with the fact that Coach K's answers were not exactly brief and JoePa's were about twice as long as Coach K's, made it pretty hard to get many people up to ask questions. But it was still really neat to see, and be part of, and I should definitely be able to be seen because they got crowd shots. The show is airing on June 30th @ 8 PM on ESPN and continues at 9 on ESPNU, so be sure to watch and/or record! After the filming was done we headed back to Cameron. Zach, our intern was kinda worried about getting back because Chelsea, the SI work study student had left. Clearly he underestimated my knowledge of campus, because I knew how to get back easily! lol.

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