Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday June 19th, 2011

Today I went to church here.

I love church in the Duke Chapel, it is absolutely amazing. The Chaplin Sam Wells is an awesome speaker.

After church we went home and I had a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it was amazing, the peanut butter and jelly were all gooey and melted and the bread was toasty.

Then Danielle and I went to a coffeeshop to get some work done. I got a white hot chocolate that was so rich. I have to write weekly papers to get academic credit for my internship. I wrote my paper in about an hour and a half, including facebook and twitter breaks. I wish all papers were so easy!

After I finished my paper I went down to Vaguely Reminiscent this cute little store I love. It is tiny, but every inch is jam full of so much cute and random jewelry and gifts. I think I'm definitely going to do some birthday/christmas shopping done there before I leave.

Then we came home and chilled. We had tacos and rice for dinner. It was very yummy.
Then we watched the panama/el salvador game that went into a shootout. And then was the Miss USA pageant. Then I watched KUWTK and now it is time for bed.
I have a busy/exciting day tomorrow as we are filming a tv show for ESPN. Most of the show will be filmed at Penn State but there will be a live feed to Duke where they will show a bunch of us, in a room and we can ask questions. But.. I don't think I'm gonna ask a question.


  1. wow that church is beautiful! i bet the inside is awesome! and that pb&j sounds superb :) i love them like that :) plus, im watching the new KUWTK episode right now...haha.

  2. it is it is. and i was in love with the pb&j, i'd never heard of trying that, and nice : )

  3. hahah yeppers! i had pb&tuna last weird combo for real

  4. wow. together? i think i just threw up.

  5. bahahah. i kno sounds gross, but its actually not too bad lol.