Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27th, 2011- The Beginning of the End.

Today was my last monday at the Duke SID office. Thursday is my last day here. But I have lots to do until then.
Today I wrote another Duke in the WNBA Update for GoDuke.Com, in the two weeks since my first update, there has been a new Blue Devil added to the WNBA. Joy Cheek signed a contract last week with the Washington Mystics. Now five of Washington's 11 players went to Duke. I spent the first two and a half hours researching, writing, and then editing that article, there were a few minor changes that Lindy made, but nothing major.
I spent the rest of the day working on the Fall Sports Composite Schedule. Some of the sports schedules are not released yet but I worked with what I could. I got to Oct. 30th.
Also, today Art had us interns, and Chelsea come in his office for a little Sports Information 101. On Saturday a New York Sportswriter wrote an article saying that Coach K had been apporached by the Minnesota Timberwolves for the head coaching position. Well, Steve Wiseman, a Durham sportswriter who covers Duke Athletics for the Durham Newspaper saw the story and called Art on Saturday night. Art hadn't heard anything about it, so he called Pliz, and asked him about it. Pliz called Coach K and he said he hadn't heard from or talked to the timberwolves. Pliz relayed this information to Art, who relayed it to Steve Wiseman. So Moral of the Story is the New York Sports writer had not basis for his story.
Tomorrow is a real exciting day as it is Coach K's summer press conference. I an very excited as we get to help set-up and listen to the press conference. Should be a great day!

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